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TIME FOR A PARADE! KEN COOLEY supporters will drive from Cooley’s HQ (319 East Bidwell St.) around Folsom broadcasting his candidacy. Bring your car and join in! Banners available at HQ.

Date: Sept.17
Time: 3-5 p.m.
Place: Ken Cooley HQ (start and finish), 319 East Bidwell St.


FADC initiated and continues to support by-district elections in Folsom for the most basic reason: By-district elections are fair. 

For most of the 76 years Folsom has been incorporated, the City Council members have been chosen by a few local groups with power and money: the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, even Pinebrook Village, for example.

As a result, our councils have been primarily white males of similar backgrounds and political views. Only recently have women been welcomed. And only in the last election did we choose two minorities: an East Asian and a Latina. But don’t be fooled: Those two members were funded by Chamber of Commerce/developer money and they vote accordingly.

With at-large elections, it is impossible for an individual without a lot of money to compete with developer-sponsored candidates – the city is too large to reach every voter on a shoestring budget. 

By-district voting will do away with the “big money” stranglehold on our city government. With five districts formed to address common issues, each area can elect the candidate that best represents his or her populace – particularly significant in neighborhoods with concentrations of minorities. 

Very simply: Elections will cost less in the smaller districts, giving every candidate an equal chance to compete. And every voter in Folsom will be served by a council member who will be responsive to their needs.

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