Who We Are

Club Officers

  • President: Kavitha Dolly Sood 
  • Vice President 1: Jag Nagendra
  • Vice President 2: Robert Dresser
  • Secretary: Teresa Garcia
  • Treasurer: Cheryl Davis. In charge of the club’s finances, filings with the State of California and the Democratic Party.
  • Past President: Vijay Jonnalagadda
  • Communications Chair: Linda Holderness
  • Membership Chair: Muriel Brounstein. Co-founder of the Folsom Area Democratic Club in 1998 and a two-time president. This is a crucial time in our country’s history to be an active Democrat! Please contact me with any questions about our club and what you can do to help.
  • Fundraising Chair: John Wright
  • Political Action Chair: Danielle Sivalingam. Focused on electing Democrats in our area and espousing aligned efforts of progressive causes.