We’re the Folsom Area Democratic Club

TIME FOR A PARADE! KEN COOLEY supporters will drive from Cooley’s HQ (319 East Bidwell St.) around Folsom broadcasting his candidacy. Bring your car and join in! Banners available at HQ.
Date: Sept.17
Time: 3-5 p.m.
Place: Ken Cooley HQ (start and finish), 319 East Bidwell St.

Pardon us please! This website is under construction. We will try to keep it updated as we work on it.

The Folsom Area Democratic Club was founded to bring together residents and friends who want to help make Folsom – and California and our nation – a more progressive place to live.

The members of our club:

  • support economic, social, racial and gender equality;
  • believe that all citizens benefit when everyone has the basic means to succeed; and
  • advocate for the government’s ability to improve people’s lives.

This year is one of the most critical election years Democrats have ever faced. As the opposition becomes more extreme, we must ensure California holds to its long-cherished Democratic and progressive values. We continue to endorse officeholders who support the rights and liberties of all Americans.

FADC members will be working to re-elect Governor Newsom and keep or turn other local and statewide offices blue. Follow our Endorsements page to learn about the candidates we support.

Locally, we will continue to lead an important effort we initiated: electing City Council members by district. District representation is the only fair way to ensure every Folsom resident has an equal voice in city government. Our club’s hard work has brought us near to this goal.

As we move past Covid, FADC will hold more events and fundraisers to help elect Democrats at every level. Our club is committed to increasing our membership and expanding Democratic presence and influence in Folsom politics.

Join us to help elect more Democrats to local, state and national offices in 2022!